Below is a list of rules regarding character creation. This also applies to house rules.

•All stat rolls must be rolled (and confirmed) under the DM’s supervision. You may reroll your stats if one of them are under 8.

•Game breaking elements (i.e. Minmaxing, weighted dice, game-breaking builds, Metagaming, etc.) are not allowed.

•Any class/feat/item/etc. that isn’t published by Wizards of the Coast is not allowed.

•With the DM’s approval, you may—instead of rolling all of your stats—automatically gain an 18 and an 8 in two stats of your choice and roll the other ones as see fit.

•Everything that happens in-game, stays in game.

•The DM’s word is final and may add, change, remove and revise rules as see fit.

•You, as the player, are allowed to speak your opinion to the DM about the rules if something doesn’t seem right.

•If you are going to be absent for some reason, please let the DM know. However, if you are absent for more than three sessions and do not let the DM know, your character is considered dead.

•You may not bring in characters from previous campaigns.

•Any race from the following books can be used as long as they have a level adjustment of +1 or below.

•All characters will start out at level two.

•I will not be following the XP Penalty rule, however you may only be able to multiclass up to 3 different classes. This includes Prestige Classes.

•You may reroll your HD if its under 3. If you are taking a class that has 1d4 HP, you may add 3 HP + CON mod every level instead of rolling.

•No Psionics. End of discussion.


Dæ'rugïn (Day•rah•jin) Kirsros